Warriors In Peace
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Dream On.

“Dream until your dreams come true.”


Our Mission:

Restore the dreams of Veterans with disabilities by harnessing the healing power and peacefulness of the water. We provide our service to veterans with physical or psychological injuries sustained during service to our country. We will use boats and waterways to help vets find purpose and enjoyment through rewarding careers in the world of yachting.


Our History

While patrolling the rivers and canals of South Vietnam in the 1960s, our founder, Ted Haler and a friend made a pact. They said if they made it home alive, they would start a charter boat service to work with injured soldiers. Through strange circumstance, the dream from years past was reborn with a new and expanded purpose. Ted decided to give back some of the good fortune he’s had in his life by creating Warriors in Peace. He traded in his boat of war for vessels of peace.

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Our Impact

Warriors in Peace provides opportunities for disabled veterans through job training, education, life coaching, health and wellness, vocational skills, other training and entertainment.



Our programs are designed to help veterans interact with the water in peaceful and fulfilling ways. We offer hands on training and developmental skills to live a full and exciting life after military service.


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Volunteers welcome! Contact us today to learn how you can be a part of this amazing organization.


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Veterans interested in learning to crew a mega yacht are encouraged to sign up today!

Volunteer opportunities

We are always in need of individuals dedicated to enhancing the lives of others. Many opportunities available.

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Every bit helps when working to better the lives of those who have given so much so the rest of us may live free and happy.